Some interesting address of 78rpm record's dealer

Kurt & Diane Nauk - A very good auction issued more times in a year. More than 5.000 items with a lot of rarities. Visit  at:

Lawrence Holdridge - Another annual auction issued in October/November. Everytime Larry offer incredible rarities, now he has a website:

From Denmark another auction by Niels Ravn (He is interested mostly in classical istrumental 78rpm).  Very good for German and north european records. Ask at

Andreas Schamauder, from Germany, ask for the catalogue at: or visit at

Norbeck, Peters & Ford - Go to: for Historical-Interest CDs, records, books, ephemera and more. 

For who loves 78rpm and wanto to know more The Record Collector visit at


For Autograph go to: They are a leading European 78rpm mail auction specialist, they publish discographies (notably the German National Discography) and they offer online-discographies for download from the internet.

Robert   The site of Robert Johannesson include many interesting discographies and a lot of informations about many singers.

www.fasolt,gr  Another site for opera lovers


Others address:

Anybody who wants to read news from Opera world must read OPERACLIK an important on-line magazine.

A good place where to know something about cd, dvd and Lp of Opera with a lot of interesting listens: OPERADISC

If you love tenor voice you must go to Tenorland the website of Francoise Nouvion. It's full of notices about tenors of any period.

Do you want to have informations about discographies of 78rpm labels? Go to : an important Italian music autor.


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